10 Suggested Events & Topics For Portman’s “Mini-Convention”

A new report reveals that Senator Rob Portman is so concerned about the Republican National Convention in Cleveland that he is planning to stage his own “mini-convention.” Yes, you read that right. This is not an April Fools Day joke.

In response, today the Strickland for Senate campaign is helpfully releasing a list of 10 suggested topics and areas of discussion for Sen. Portman’s event:

1. Fighting For China & Washington: The Rob Portman Biographical Video.

2. Spotting Donald Trump In Cleveland & Where To Run To When You See Him.

3. What To Do If You’ve Called Anti-Currency Manipulation Legislation “Counter-Productive.”

4. Skipping Homeland Security Hearings — How Many Is Too Many?

5. How To Lie About Your Trade Record When You’ve Been Called A “Dedicated Outsourcer.”

6. So You Didn’t Read the TPP Before You Voted To Fast-Track It.

7. Drug Abuse Prevention: You Can Take Credit Even If You Voted Against Funding It.

8. ISIS Helps My Polling Numbers, And Other Things Not To Say On Camera.

9. Deep Dive: Negotiating Unilaterally With The Ayatollah Of Iran.

10. Keynote: Staying In Touch With Your Lobbyist Roots Once You've Become A Senator, Personal Reflections From Rob Portman.

It’s Not A Mini-Convention. It’s a Panic Room. Tweet Your Own Ideas For Topics He Should Discuss Using the Hashtag #PortmansPanicRoom


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